Pipe & Structure Fabrication

Our Significant Work in Fabrication of Pipe and Structure Include the Rolling, Blending, Drilling on All types of Structural Sections etc., of all Thickness & Material Grade.

Pre Commissioning

Pre-Commissioning is our Primary Service in which we are Expertise in Various Activities include Checking for Design Conformity, Checking the Status of Electric, Mechanical and Instrumental Installation, Running-in of Equipments, Flushing and Cleaning Activities, Drying etc.,

E & I

We Provide Complete Tubing for Hydraulic and Instrumentation Application with the help of Plant Layout and the Location of Source and Destination Points.

Engineering & Design

We have done Innovative Projects in Designing Oil and Gas Plants including Engineering such as Planning and Construction.

Hydraulic Services

Industrial Hydraulic Services Provide High Quality Servicing and Manufacture of Industrial Hydraulic Installation that Comprises Offshore and Site Services, Pipe Work Installation Services, Fluid and Pipe Work Services.

Mechanical Services

In Gas and Oil Industry we are a Concrete Pillars of AS Fabrication of Pipes, Vessels, Heat Exchangers Process Planning and Automation, Structural and Stress Analysis.


Engineering Inspection Activities Involves Reverse Engineering and Contract Inspection and Calibration.


Machining is to Material Removal Process Involves Various types of Cuttings including Water Jet Cutting, Drilling, Grinding, Milling etc.,

Retro / Roto jetting

The Equipments used for the Draining Purpose Work at High Pressure in Onshore and Offshore areas includes Modules and Skids Constructions.

Chemical Cleaning

Our Service of Chemical Cleaning is Fast and Effective derive the Surfaces and Walls of Equipments, Pipelines, Vessels, Kettles and Heat Exchangers of Unwanted Contaminants.

Valve testing and Services

We provide Valve Repair Services and Testing as well as Modification Relative to Specification, Certification and Procurements.

Flange Managements

Our Installation of Flange Managements and Control Systems with Cohesive Procedures Ensure Asset Integrity, Prevents Leaks and Economical.

Marine Fabrications

Marine Industry Ship Piping and Structural Fabrication, Pipeline and Engine Room Service in Ship.

Flushing Services

Total Lubrication Management Flushing Services given by us can Enhance your Equipments Reliability such as Gas Turbines, Compressors and Stationary Engines. Oil Flushing Services are Available for Hydraulic Oil, Motor Oil and Gear Oil.

Sales and Rental

IWW Extends Hands in Affording Sales and Rental Services of Chart Recorders, Pumps and Skids including all Pre-Commissioning Equipments.

High Pressure Testing

Our Work Perfection includes High Pressure Testing of Pipes based on Specifications and its types. High Pressure Testing Procedure will Come in Hand for Jetting Technique.

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